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Pain in the Heart region - vertebral cardialgia

  Cardialgia - it's a pain in the heart region. It is a symptom of many diseases.

  Quite often we come across vertebral cardialgia. Most authors link it with the cervical and thoracic osteochondrosis. Cardialgic syndrome is manifested by painful sensations in the heart region. It is wrenching, aching, burning, compression of the heart.

  Cardialgic syndrome is manifested by painful sensations in the heart region. It is wrenching, aching, burning, compression of the heart. They chase patient for days, months, sometimes there are attacks of acute stabbing pain in the apex of the heart, "under the heart", accompanied by increased disrupted pulsation of heart.

  At times, the pain may extend to entire chest, to the neck and abdomen. Nitroglycerin does not relieve pain, it is not associated with physical exertion, more pronounced in the morning.

  Vertebral cardialgic syndrome in connection with the pathology of the cervical spine leads to the reflectory effect on the heart, coronary arteries through the cervical sympathetic nodes and the cardiac nerves extending from them.

  In patients with a history of cervical pain, cervicalgia, sciatica caused by osteochondrosis, spondyloarthrosis. The next exacerbation of neck pain appears as a compressing pain in the heart region resembling angina pectoris, but without irradiation to the arm and is clearly associated with the head movements. They are provoked by prolonged fixation of the head in uncomfortable position (like reading in bed, working on the computer, sleeping on a high pillow, assembly works with head thrown back, etc.).

  Complex treatment with the use of intraosseous blockades leads to regress in clinical manifestations of vertebral cardialgia.

  We have shown that intraosseous blockades are pathogenetic treatment for the spondylogenic vertebro-cardiac disorders.

  The impact of intraosseous blockades on cervical-thoracic spine leads to the pronounced regression of vertebro-cardiac disorders, indicating the universal value of osteogenic  factor in the development of this pathology.

Scientific articles on the effectiveness of intraosseous blockades for treating vertebral cardialgia:

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Photographs of intraosseous blockades used to treat vertebral cardialgia:

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