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Therapeutic physical training

The main adaptive mechanism for the skeletal system and spine, especially in humans with these adverse factors is physical activity. Locomotor activity must be maintained by man consciously. In Russian language physical activity is referred by a quite correct term "physical culture." That is, physical activity is defined as the integral part of the culture that is unique to humans.

Hippocrates has coined another wise saying "movement - that's life." However, movements may be excessive, which may cause damage. This saying can be specified, "the right moves - the good life." Right moves this is exercise.

First is carried out war up exercise, trains tonic muscles, which are the physiological spinal corset, prevention of excessive movement in the joints, and also trains the reserves of the venous outflow of blood to all tissues, which is a good prevention of swelling of the tissues and preventing the formation of pain.

Then is carried out dynamic exercise designed to train the active muscles and improve arterial inflow.

The Pain clinic has developed and successfully applied the authors technique of physiotherapy in the treatment and prevention of pain from  Neuroorthopedic diseases.

The basis of this technique is the consistent application of static and dynamic breathing exercise.

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