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Our experience with intraosseous blockades

   Intraosseous blockade are used since 1980. During this time, approximately 2,000 patients with severe lumbar pain were treated with intraosseous blockades. These blockades have shown high efficiency - more than 80%, even in patients with herniated disc more than 10-12 mm. Periosteal and intraosseous blockade proved to be very effective in vertebro-cardialgia. Moreover, under the influence of these blockades  not only the pain in heart region reduces or disappears completely, but also improves myocardial contractility and significantly reduces arrhythmias.

   The best example of the clinical effectiveness in vertebro-cardiac syndrome is - our patient was admitted in cardiology with a severe form of cardiac arrhythmia with ineffective conservative treatment and had to undergo a surgery to install pacemaker. After a course intraosseous blockades, the arrhythmias had disappeared completely and thus eliminated the need for surgical treatment.

   Based on the new osteogenic concept of Neuroorthopedic diseases and considering the high therapeutic efficacy of the intraosseous blockades we put forward a new indication for neurosurgical treatment of lumbar and facial pain - which is ineffective of intraosseous blockades. In other words, before sending the patient to a neurosurgeon with these diseases, it is necessary to conduct a course intraosseous blockades.

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