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Migraine and its treatment

   Migraine - paroxysmal state, manifested by attacks of throbbing headache on the side of the head, mainly in the orbital-frontal-temporal region, accompanied in most cases, with nausea, vomiting, poor tolerance of bright light (photophobia), loud noises (phonophobia), and after the attack - drowsiness and lethargy. Characterized by recurrence of attacks and genetic predisposition.

   Clinically, migraine without aura is composed of three phases: prodromal, migraine attacks, postdromal.

   Prodromal symptoms usually develop within a few hours before the attack, and include increased sensitivity or decreased perception, irritability, tearfulness, excessive yawning, addicted to a special diet (mostly sweet), somnolence, and oedema.

   Headache during migraine- is one sided, more often has a pulsating character, aggravated by physical activity, accompanied by nausea and repeated vomiting. Characteristic pain behaviour: the patient strive to go to bed, alone in a darkened room, removes the head scarf or towel, avoids bright light, noise. In between attacks, some patients feel that they are almost completely healthy and socially adapted; most of them have a vegetative dystonia of varying severity.

In recent years, the most popular method for the relief of migraine headache is blockade. The most effective till date are the periosteal and intraosseous blockade (IOB), the author of which is MD, professor E.L.Sokov who is the head of Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery, PFUR and also head of the pain management clinic at structural unit of City Clinical Hospital number 64 in Moscow. Periosteal blockade is carried out at the trigger point of the occipital and temporal regions of the skull, the spinous processes of the cervical vertebrae.Their effectiveness is related to the normalization of the venous outflow from the periosteal network, reducing the excitability of the local autonomic centres and redistribution of regional blood flow, restoring the local microcirculation, local anaesthetic, decongestant and anti-inflammatory action.

Research articles on the treatment of migraine:

  • Research articles on the treatment of migraine: Migraine (clinic, diagnosis, treatment) - E.L. Sokov, L.E. Kornilova. Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery of Peoples’ Friendship University. Pain management clinic City Clinical Hospital number 64

Photos of intraosseous blockades used to treat migraines:

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