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The method of therapeutic blockade

Therapeutic blockade - a modern method of treatment of chronic pain.

The method is based on the introduction of the drug directly to pathological center. Compared to other methods (medical, physical, traction, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, surgery, and others), therapeutic blockade is relatively recent - about 100 years old and is fundamentally different from the other methods for  treating chronic pain.  

Subcutaneous, intramuscular, and other facet blockade of the soft tissue surrounding vertebrae improve circulation not only in those tissues in which the drug solution is introduced, but also in the vertebrae. However, paravertebral blockade improves slightly intraosseous blood flow and reflexively, compensate for a a minor disorder of intraosseous circulation.

1. In the medicamental method of treatment the drugs first enter the bloodstream (where they are not needed) and only then, to a lesser extent - in the painful focus. The blockade of the same drugs are delivered directly to the pathological center (where they are most needed), and then only in a smaller amount goes to the general circulation.

2. In electroneurostimulation, acupuncture and other physical methods there is stimulation of mainly high velocity nerve condustors that reflexively and indirectly inhibits chronic pain impulses, caused by low velocity nerve conductors. At the same anesthetic blockade directly reduces the impulses increased mainly on low velocity nerve conductor that cause chronic pain.

3. In neurosurgical techniques like alcoholism and transection of nerve conductors at different levels, are the  methods during desperate needs and, in fact, is  the evidence of weakness of medicine, the long-term or permanent interruption of not only pain, but also of the other normal impulses, leading to a number of side effects and complications. At the same time the anesthetic blockade temporarily interrupts pain, pathological impulses, keeping the other normal nerve impulses. However, the temporary but repeated blockage of pain impulses from the pathological focus allows for long duration of therapeutic effect. Unlike neurosurgical techniques therapeutic blockade can be used repeatedly for each exacerbation.

Therapeutic blockade relieves for a long time local pathological muscle tension and vascular spasm. They restore the disturbed trophicity of local tissue. Therapeutic blockade by interrupting pain impulses from the pathological focus, lead to the normalization of reflex relations between all levels of the central nervous system

Therapeutic blockade are pathogenetic method of treatment in clinical manifestations of the neuroorthopedic diseases. Our thirty years of experience in the application of therapeutic blockades, as well as major statistical studies in the U.S. and other Western countries suggest that therapeutic blockade is one of the most effective methods of treatment for the clinical manifestations of neuroorthopedic diseases, above all, pain. The application of  pathogenic intraosseous blockades, that are prioritized by the Russian and do not apply abroad, can significantly improve the treatment of these diseases.

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