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  In research the most adequately addressed manifestation of pain is headache, only right to be considered a systematic approach to this global problem of Medicine and Pathophysiology.

  It is could not be better demonstrated then by the statement of one of the greatest specialists in the study of headache RC Packard, who wrote: "A person suffering from a headache, is a medical orphan. Okay, if the headache passes quickly. Otherwise, he will begin from an ophthalmologist to otorhinolaryngologist, neurologist,  dentist, psychiatrist, chiropractor, etc. He is prescribed with a lot of analysis and is given a huge amount of drugs and in the end very often is left alone with his own headache.

  Almost everyone knows what a headache is, although it is difficult to clearly define. According to the most systematic research about 78% of women and 64% of men at least once suffered from headache during the previous year, and 36% of women and 19% of men suffer from recurrent headaches.

  Application of intraosseous blockade in patients with cervicogenic headache leads to a marked reduction in pain compared to the conventional treatments.

  The more pronounced decrease in the intensity of pain under the influence of intraosseous blockades, allows us to consider the osteogenic factor as a pathogenetic mechanism in formation of cervicogenic headache.

Photographs of intraosseous blockades used to treat headaches:

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