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Failed back surgery syndrome

  Failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS). Term FBSS – reflects the presence of chronic pain in patients who have undergone one, two, three operations on one or more segments of the vertebral column for the removal of the intervertebral disc hernia.

  Studies on the effectiveness of neurosurgical intervertebral hernia treatment showed that after the surgical removing the acute disc-radix complex, the dystrophic process continues, and progresses to the neighbouring levels.

  According to the osteogenic theory of neuro-orthopedic diseases, the formation of the intervertebral hernia is associated with impairment of the osmotic system providing nutrition to the intervertebral disc in connection with damage to reserve mechanism of the excess fluid penetration which occurs during rise in the intraosseous pressure. In congested adjacent vertebrae the process of bone degeneration is strengthened, disturbed venous outflow, irritation of intraosseous receptors, which lowers the excitatory threshold, reliving the already existing afferent threshold due to dystrophic changes of the tissue, transforming it into a real clinical pain syndrome with musculo-tonic and angiospastic components, leading to the manifestation of failed back surgery syndrome.  

  Intraosseous blockade - an effective treatment, for patients with the syndrome of failed back surgery.

Scientific articles on the effectiveness of intraosseous blockades for treating of pain after failed back surgery:

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  • Effectiveness of intraosseous blockades for treatment of the recurring clinical manifestations in lumbar osteochondrosis after neurosurgery on intervertebral discs - Authors abstract - Garabova N.I.

Photographs of intraosseous blockades used to treat pain syndromes after failed back surgery:

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