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Back pain in spinal osteochondrosis

   Pain in the back and neck are reasonably considered as one of the important problems of modern medicine. According to WHO experts currently in the developed countries pain in back and neck have reached the scale of the infectious epidemic, which in most cases is due to the increased informational and stress loads on the person (N. Shostak, 2003).

   According to the National Center for Health Statistics the population of U.S.A aged under 45 years are most likely to limit their activities because of the constant pain in back and neck. Pathology of the spine is the 5th leading cause of hospitalization and 3rd leading cause of justified surgical treatment (Bogachyova LA, 1997; Vingard E., et al., 2002).

   The problem of treating patients with spinal osteochondrosis has not yet been resolved. Despite of many studies conducted in recent years, the emergence of new diagnostic methods, the development of new medical technologies, still there is no significant reduction in the incidence of vertebro-neurological pathologies (Yakhno N.N., Valenkova VA, 1999).

  Demonstrable progress in understanding the nature and clinics of Neuroorthopedic syndromes has not led to solving the issue of the pathogenetic research; therefore, no highly effective treatment for back pain and other clinical manifestations of osteochondrosis is available.

  Intraosseous blockade - a highly efficient, versatile, safe, pathogenetic treatment for back pain and other clinical manifestations of osteochondrosis, on the lumbar, cervical and thoracic levels.

Scientific articles on the effectiveness of intraosseous blockades for treating back pain in spinal osteochondrosis:

  • The ratio of clinical and morphological manifestations of lumbar osteochondrosis - Sokov E.L., Kornilova L.E., M.H. Al-Zamil, N.А. Arsyukhin. Journal  «Pain».- 2006. - № 3 (12). - с. 10-12.

  • The method of intraosseous blockades in treating the clinical manifestations of lumbar, thoracic and cervical osteochondrosis - abstract - Kornilova L.E

Photographs of intraosseous blockades used in treating the back pain in spinal osteochondrosis:

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