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About Pain clinic

About clinic
  • In 2003, we established the Pain-clinic at Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia — as a day care center of neurological profile, a 41st department in a City Clinical Hospital № 64.

  • The main focus of treatment is patients with different genesis of neurological pain syndrome.

  • The main method of treatment is intraosseous blockades

  • Intraosseous blockades can release the  majority of patients from pain.

  • We have the biggest  experience in the usage of intraosseous blockades in neurological pain syndromes.

  • Over the years, use of intraosseous blockades has not lead to a single case of complication, so we believe that this method is the most effective and safe.

  • Main key for success of the Clinic – is it's our team. Head of the Pain Clinic is the  MD-PhD Professor Evgeny Leonidovich Sokov.  The attending physician: MD-PhD  Ludmila Evgenevna Kornilova.


The basic principles of Pain clinic:

1. Performing procedures according to international standards;
2. Strict adherence to the rules of antiseptics;
3. The maximum patient safety;
4. The introduction of new methods of treatment;
5. Giving maximum information to patients about the treatment.

Our Services Include:
  • Out-patient pain medicine.
  • Pain management for  almost ALL painful conditions in adults
  • Interventional pain medicine

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