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In our pain clinic pain treatment services are performed by unique Russian method- intraosseous blockades.

  • It was proved that increased afferentation of intraosseous receptors promotes afferent flow, increased motor reactions, corticofugal reduction reactions and effects on the respective segmental level, which leads to typical clinical symptoms: pain, muscular-tonic, vasospastic and hypertrophic syndromes.
  • Intraosseous blockades are treatment procedure which is used to reduce pain syndrome and reduce pathological afferentation.
  • Intraosseous blockade - is a medical procedure in which the anaesthetic is injected into the bone marrow to block the receptors.
  • Administration of drugs directly into the bone marrow can influence the intraosseous vertebral blood flow and intraosseous receptors. The method of intraosseous drug administration into the bone marrow is well known as a type of intravenous administration. It is used for administrating the large amounts of fluids and blood products, intraosseous anaesthesia in radiological diagnostic techniques.

  Intraosseous blockade is carried out 2-3 times per week, on a rate of 4-6 blockades depending on their effectiveness and severity of pain.

  • For intraosseous blockade disposable spinal needle is used.

  • For intraosseous blockade we use the mixture of lidocaine 1% - 8 ml, 1-2 mg of dexamethasone solution, autologous bone marrow - 2-3 ml.

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